Day 3: The Individualist-raised, unlearned

We all impact the grounds we walk on, and the grounds we walk on have a very problematic history that cannot be ignored. For too long, White humans/White culture have worked toward self-resilience, self-growth, driven by material desires and progress. The individualist, capitalist society that colonized the land I live on spread toxicity. Poisoned, both figuratively and literally, the community.

I acknowledge that the ground I work and live on is located on the traditional territories of the Songhees First Nations and as a White settler I have privilege.  I am responsible for the damage my ancestors caused; I need to unlearn all the bad shit. I have a responsibility to this ground, where I came from,  how I got here, and where I’m going. To stop unconsciously benefiting from my privilege. TO acknowledge collective resilience.

I Choose to take care of myself, I choose to heal, I choose to learn, and I choose to teach/share.

I have a responsibility to me, right now, but also to everyone around me.

So every morning, before I ask what everyone else needs, I ask, What do you need today?

I am practicing answering that question without guilt, without neglecting my community.


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