If you need to stop halfway up, let yourself stop (Mornin’ D. 4)

And when you stop, give yourself the privilege and take the wisdom to breathe in the moment, because even at half-way up, the view is pretty fucking cool and heck of a lot better than all the way down. So give yourself a yoga-hug, do a little sun-salutation, and hear and feel your breath– you’re out of breath and you’re going to get it back. In the mean time, did you see squirrel?

I think it’s a pretty brave effing creature, balancing on the tip of the branch with birds of prey hovering above. But the thing about the squirrel is that they know their bodies, know the branch, are one with the fucking branch. Ain’t nothing short of an earthquake that’ll make ’em fall.

That’s you. That’s me.

Be squirrel.

I am Squirrel.


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