Kittens and things

“At any other time, Alice would have felt surprised at this, but she was far too much excited to be surprised at anything now. ‘As for you,’ she repeated, catching hold of the little creature in the very act of jumping over a bottle which had just alighted upon the table, ‘I’ll shake you into a kitten, that I will.'” -Lewis Carroll, Through the looking glass.

Sometimes we want to shake people into kittens because they’re so infuriating and kittens are awesome, but sometimes we need to try extra hard to remove our egos, stay in our bodies and find compassion.

It takes practice.

I am gentle with myself. Sometimes I want to shake everyone into kittens, but I don’t.

To kittens and good bacteria (and knowing what can be a kitten, and what will always be infuriating; knowing what will always kill good bacteria, and what we need to eat to stay balanced)!

Goodnight day– I noticed your sunset, PS, great work, great work. You made at least one fine woman in this city smile with those BEAUTIFUL hues.




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