Day 10

“To live life in the spirit, to be true to a life of the spirit, we have to be willing to be called on–often in ways that we may not like…we must not pretend, make it seem like living a life of the spirit is easy. On the contrary: living the life of the spirit is difficult. It is not a life that is about how much people like you.” bell hooks, Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope, p. 158-9

I am grateful for those that listen to me, challenge me, and receive me.

But I know that not everyone does… some people don’t like me, and so they cannot receive me, or challenge me, or even really listen to me.

Sometimes I come on strong, with a loud voice that’s hard to argue with. I shut people’s lines of communication down– that, not my voice, not my opinions, is something that I need to learn how and when to use, because it’s a gift, my ability to speak out, but I need to hone it.


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