What is (unconscious) racism and how do you wake up to it, face it, own it, heal from it and move forward? It sleeps inside our skin, storing historical pain. We are afraid of it because it threatens our privilege and to call it out also implicates us in the colonial process.  Not us, not our fault, not our problem. As white settlers on stolen land (such as Canada and the US) we might feel more comfortable to choose not to see, to not acknowledge our role in naming and owning the violence and genocide our ancestors intentionally inflicted on the Indigenous people of Canada and the world over. But we need to get uncomfortable.

We need to ask uncomfortable questions of ourselves and other white people. Because these aren’t “uncomfortable.” They’re the truth.

We need to stumble our way through this process and accept feedback from those around us who have already done the hard work of unlearning and waking up.

We need politicized, critical, anti-colonial and anti-racist thinking and actions to take precedence over the nice and fluffy. Always. “Nice” generally means keeping the peace. And keeping the peace, in my experiences, means keeping secrets. And that fucking sucks. Don’t be nice; pay attention; unlearn the language. SPEAK UP.




that your

needs and desires



come at the expense of another’s

life energy.

it is being honest


you have been spoiled

by a machine


is not feeding your freedom

but feeding 


the milk of pain

                –the release

-nayyirah waheed.


One thought on “Racism”

  1. your comment referring to questions regarding racism as being not ‘uncomfortable but the truth’ I agree that it is the truth, but it is also a very uncomfortable question to as of ourselves. Doesn’t mean it should not be asked though


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