The Succulent and The Moss

Succulents and moss grow together on rocks.  The moss is a small plant that does not flower. Mosses require a damp and perhaps even shady environment in order to thrive. Succulents are a small flowering plant. Unlike the moss, the succulent can subsist on the moisture in the air alone.

So how exactly does the rock-side appeal to both the moss and the succulent?

If you notice, where the moss grows, the succulent does not– the boundaries between the two are clearly demarcated.

I lay down on the moss and hold a succulent in my hand, rubbing its smooth leaves against my cheek.

I listen to the commuter traffic on The Malahat, which is a 25 km stretch of roadway linking Victoria to the Cowichan Valley.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was listening to waves swelling and breaking against the shore.


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