Fourteen Days of Self-Love

Tomorrow I will begin two weeks of daily practices of self love.  I’m going to stay away from alcohol and other self-destructive behaviours– no matter what.  There’s no wiggle room, no one drink is fine. I’m gonna rock the shit outta self-help.

I’m going to live FUCKING FIERCE because I AM GRAND.

And even if I suck sometimes and do terrible things, it doesn’t mean I deserve to treat my body and soul like a waste containment facility.

Although right now I might feel this is VERY true, as I’m hungover and unslept and ungroomed and just generally feeling and looking terrible, I know deep in my soul that I am a fucking beautiful garden and can probably grow really neat things inside of me if I tend to me, get the weeds outs, sow some seeds and just like, try.

So here’s to fourteen days (and really long sentences)–

With much love and spirit and humility for… the imperfect; the in-progress.

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